At Idaho Case Management

We are involved at the junction of Medicine and technology. Working to provide solutions that allow our clients to achieve their goals.

We work directly with Covid-19 test kit manufacturers and cover North America as a territory. Large orders available.

Call us today and we can help your organization be prepared with the testing services you need to keep your members safe.

Idaho Case Management is a licensed FDA importer.


Who We Are

Having spent our entire careers in the healthcare space we have learned that while difficult it can be done, improvements can be made, and solutions can be achieved.

Over 32 years of service
  • Quality Improvement Organizations
  • Publicly funded health care organizations
  • Disease management companies
  • Start-ups in the healthcare technology space
  • Behavioral Health organizations
Providing Services for
  • Integration planning for Behavioral Health technology projects
  • Acquisitions of new testing resources from all parts of the globe with Covid-19 testing resources
  • Reviewing and initiating new healthcare startups through planning and investment

Our three core beliefs

Assist our clients in discovering the ability to control what is controllable and the vision to know when they can’t.

Decision making is always made for the best of the organization not just a few.

Focusing our clients to always bring value to their stakeholders not just financial gain for their organizations.

Our Team

Employee Bios

Dr. Thomas Young, CEO


Dr. Young graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston Texas in 1973 and completed a family Practice Residency in 1975. He was in the National Health Service Corps and in 1977 joined the teaching staff at Baylor College of Medicine. He moved to Boise Idaho in 1978 and joined the staff of the Family Practice Residency of Southwest Idaho a University of Washington program.


He went into full time private practice in 1982. He served as the EDS for 7 years developing automated claims analysis programs and technology. He was the medical director for the QIO from 1989 to 1996. He served as the Medical Director for Idaho Medicaid from 1996 until 2004. During that time, he developed in conjunction with Oregon Medicaid the first evidenced based pharmaceutical management program in the nation. 

Beginning in 2003 Dr. Young joined Connextions Health and built it into a company of 2,600 employees in three centers and later sold it to Optum. He returned to Idaho and began work in the field of behavioral health. He was the COO for a large non-profit and built the first APA certified psychology post doctoral program in the state. He was medical director for a group of behavioral health clinics. He has been medical director of several organizations including US Preventive Medicine and Citra Health Solutions.

He is currently CEO and co-founder of Nview Heath a provider of technology in the area of behavioral health assessments and suicide tracking tools.

He is married with 4 children and 8 grandchildren.

David Schuster, President


David Schuster is a healthcare thought leader with over 28 years of experience in healthcare and technology startups. He has raised over $250m from both venture capital and institutional capital. He has spent the last decade working domestically and internationally developing strategies, partnerships and fundraising programs for both startup and publicly traded organizations.


Mr. Schuster is a Managing Director of Galt Strategy, a strategic management and fund-raising consulting firm, as well as a formation vehicle for new startups. David was the CEO and founder of Sedna Genome, a genetic data biotech company which focused on markers for dementia-based disorders. He was also the co-founder and member of the board of directors for Nview Health. A behavioral health company that works with pharmaceutical companies developing the next generation of psychiatric medications. Finally, David was the co-founder and CEO of NudgeRx, Inc., a healthcare IT company focused on preventing hospital readmissions using web, mobile, and nurse services to monitor and manage patients after being discharged from the hospital. NudgeRx was sold to a population management company and integrated into the overall product offering.

susan macdonald

Susan MacDonald, Sr VP of Global Business Development and Sales


Susan MacDonald is an executive leader in strategic global business development and a seasoned public affairs, media and communications expert with over two and a half decades of innovative problem solving experience.


Susan brings to IDCM her global perspective and strategic analysis acumen, as well as knowledge of cross-cultural communication to best facilitate and executive international deal developments across diverse cultures.

Graduating from Columbia University, Susan started her career on Wall Street working with Smith Barney and later a Salomon brothers JV in Asia as a NE Asia geopolitical and equity analyst covering the healthcare sector. Early on, Susan started consulting for various organizations, including Samsung, LG, Kumho, Seoul National University, the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to name a few, particularly on cross cultural communications and strategic global business development.

With her boutique consulting firm helping Asian and Israeli biotech companies understand the global and local markets, performing due diligence for global investors, and crafting effective PR and risk management strategy, Susan’s work led to over a half dozen biotech companies to secure seed, angel and Series A funding. Entrepreneurial from her teens, she has successfully started, developed and exited from more than ten companies, including a fashion boutique, several on-offline ESL institutes and content creation consultancies, translation/interpreting technology company, TTS (text to speech) technology start-up, genome technology startup, consumer electronics e-commerce company among them.

With Masters from both Harvard University and Seoul National University under her belt, Susan utilizes her business development skills together with cross cultural understanding by successfully hosting a long running talk show broadcast in 188 countries globally with Arirang TV’s The INNERview, and has hosted and produced multiple educational and travel TV series and documentaries for Korean broadcasting companies.

An educator, entrepreneur and adventurer at heart, Susan is an avid traveler having been to almost 100 countries and has lived in the US, Korea, India, Europe, and SE Asia. Susan is involved with various non-profits and charities including NetKAL (Network of Korean American Leaders), GEAR (Global Exchange Arts Roundtable), and mentorship programs for young adults to learn yoga, tea ceremonies and meditation as a certified yoga, meditation teacher.